Formed in the early months of 2022 through chance introductions and long-time friendships, Brooklyn-based PANIK FLOWER mixes dream pop with an understated heaviness. The result is a unique soundscape of soft harmonies, hard-hitting instrumentals and cutting lyricism that evokes the hazy nostalgia of distant memories - ones of love, loss and identity which have captivated packed venues across NYC.

With three fifths of its members being native New Yorkers, PANIK FLOWER’s sound is inherently reflective of the ever-changing city, one that shifts and melds yet stays rooted in its identity. Led by born & bred Manhattaner Sage Leopold (vocals), PANIK FLOWER has grown to include co-collaborators Mila Stieglitz-Courtney (guitar/vocals), Jordan Buzzell (guitar), Max Baird (bass) and Marco Starger (drums).

PANIK FLOWER came onto the NY scene shortly after their formation, playing with dozens of bands and establishing their name and sound across the city. In December 2023, the band released their debut EP 'Dark Blue' produced by Carl Bespolka at Golden Girl Sound.